Sunday, November 8, 2009


Every once in awhile I can get Kam to hold still and smile for a picture. The other day I managed to get this one. Its funny how one little curve can straighten out a whole lot.

ohhh kam

As Kam is getting older some things are getting easier and some are harder. One thing that is getting easier is dinner. He loves to help me set the table and put ice in the glasses, things like that. His expanding vocabulary is also helpful in the aide of getting things done. One of his newest things to say is "peace out". We were getting ready to leave the other day and he was walking down the stairs saying "peace out peace out" and waving. It was priceless. One thing that is getting harder is the independence stage. He wants to do everything all by himself. I am fine with that because I love to watch him do something, then get all excited, but when I am low on time it gets somewhat frustrating. Here is an example. The buckle on the booster chair at the table. I don't know why but for some reason Kam has this idea that only he can buckle it and unbuckle it. I was trying to get into the shower one morning, running late of course, and he refused to let me buckle him up. This added at least 5 minutes onto my morning because I had to make sure he was buckled and eating before I could take my shower that was decreasing in time very quickly. I am sure I will look back and smile one of these days, but until then I should try not to hit snooze and get ready before he is even awake.

Other things that Kam is interested in lately...

  • buttons
  • the dryer
  • lights/light switches
  • climbing on things
  • fish
  • shoes
  • coloring
  • buttons
  • elmo
  • more so nemo