Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I know this post is a little late, but oh well it made it on here! We decorated eggs for Easter and Kam had sooo much fun. The egg decorating kit didn't come with all the color tablets though so we only had pink and green. Good thing Kam is so easy to please. He didn't mind a bit.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

owies are owie....

Kam managed to slam his finger in a door pretty good awhile back. The door unfortunately won, Kam's nail did not.
Door: 1 Fingernail: 0
This happened 4 weeks ago (at least). When you are 2 though owies tend to linger. He is convinced that he needs to wear a band aid still. It's not consistent though. He mostly decides it is necessary when he looks down and notices it. I had to get a picture of the band aid extravaganza on this particular day though. He is wearing one on the thumb that got smashed and one on his hand that a coloring book fell on. Yes, it does have Jesus all over it too. We ran out of Toy Story, so Jesus had to suffice. Later that night I was having a hard time getting Kam to bed. He was making all sorts of excuses. "Chocolate milk all gone" "Dropped Teddy" but my favorite is "Might need medicine" I looked down at eyes full of tears and asked "What do you need medicine for? Are you sick?" "Owies are owie!" I couldn't help but giggle. I had no idea a coloring book could hurt a hand so badly.

making time for myself

I realized the other day that sometimes you need to make a little time for yourself. It is sometimes too easy to get caught up in all the chaos that we call life. Being a single working mom it can be especially hard. Recently I have found 2 things that I enjoy doing for myself though! (Thank heaven! I think I was driving the people around me crazy.)

Working out and paper crafts.

After moving to Utah my lifestyle changed a little since I didn't know anybody really and everything I was used to was 300 miles away. So I bought a yoga DVD. One small step for Mattie one giant improvement for Mattie's health. Kam and I started doing yoga every night before bed and I started to realize how much I enjoyed it! Not to mention how much I enjoyed watching Kam try to do the poses, not that I looked much more graceful, but that is beside the point. After about a month of doing the yoga every night I started to look into ways to eat healthier. That eventually led to me throwing out every ounce of junk food in my house and becoming a calorie counting freak and protein shake fanatic. Shortly after came the gym, then the personal trainer, and then some new workout clothes to stay motivated. You get the picture though. I can honestly say yoga was my gateway drug for a healthier lifestyle! Looking back I can't believe how much I didn't care about myself. I love living a healthy and active lifestyle and hope that I can set a great example for Kam.
Now for the paper crafts....this is becoming an addiction. I used to do them a lot with my older sister April, but then it gradually took a back burner to other things. I discovered that one of my friends in Utah is very much into them, so, I was intrigued. GIRLS NIGHT! After a trip to Robert's that was supposed to take 10 minutes, but turned into 60 because we were practically skipping down aisles, we headed back to my house to craft. And craft we did! I still need to get better at it, I'm a little rusty. Here are some pictures of the event. I hope we can do more soon! I'm hooked!

No day is so bad it can’t be fixed with a nap

There is something about a sleeping child that can make your heart melt. No matter how old Kam gets I will still sneak into his room after he falls asleep to kiss him on the cheek.

I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living,
My baby you'll be.


Being a mom is definitely the most rewarding job ever. One thing that I absolutely love about it is that the little things are a big deal to them. Every meal can be a science experiment, every walk to the park is an adventure, and you celebrate every holiday no matter how big or small. I know the picture isn't that great but I tried my hardest to get one of Kam wearing green for St. Patricks Day. He has been learning about colors a lot lately so he was very excited to wear a lot of green that day. I tried explaining to him that this is the only day of the year it is ok to pinch people....I don't know that he quite understood it completely.