Tuesday, April 26, 2011


10 things I KNOW are as follows....
  • Kameron Christopher John is my sunshine.
  • There is a heaven. My grandmother is there taking care of the sunflowers.
  • Kisses goodbye are good, but kissing goodbye, turning to leave, turning back and kissing again is sooo much better.
  • Climbing into a bed that has been made is the best feeling.
  • I will always have OCD about certain things. No changing that one.
  • Nothing, and I mean nothing makes me feel better than hearing Kam call me "Mommy"
  • Coffee is my daily vitamin.
  • I am always spun out on imagination. I daydream. I get 27 ideas at once. I can't help it.
  • My life is absolutely positively amazing. I learn everyday.
  • Prayers are answered. Some aren't. It always works out though.
10 things I HOPE for are as follows.....
  • More people will start seeing the glass as half full. Or just be happy to have a damn glass.
  • Kam will continue to grow and learn.
  • Medical breakthroughs will be made for cancer. All types. And soon.
  • God will continue to trust me and challenge me. He is doing a pretty good job of making this thing called life a great big adventure.
  • My dad will continue to be a huge part of Kam's life. Kam just adores that man and it makes me happy.  
  • I learn to bake bread. Good bread.
  • I can learn to be more patient.
  • One day I can make a man feel like the luckiest guy in the world.
  • To have a house with a white fence.
  • That my car will never break down on the side of the road again.
10 things I BELIEVE as follows......
  • I am doing an alright job of raising a little boy.
  • That little boy is very blessed to have a dad that plays a huge part in his life.
  • In God. In miracles. In faith.
  • Someday I will get married.
  • Perfect timing.
  • Creativity. I love being creative and challenging those around me to do the same.
  • I get a little stronger everyday.
  • Some of my best friends should have been my sisters, but God knew that our parents wouldn't have been able to handle us.
  • In keeping calm and carrying on.
  • Love is the best medicine.

Monday, April 25, 2011

BEElieve in miracles....

Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know it so it goes on flying anyway. -Mary Kay Ash

I love this quote. It really makes you think. Well it makes me think. There are just so many miracles everyday that we are witness to and because they are so routine sometimes we forget to pay close attention to just how amazing life is. I look at Kam sometimes and I am just in awe at how miraculous a child is. He helps me to notice the miracles we are blessed with everyday. The other day he opened his blinds, looked outside and said "it is so nice outside today we should go for a walk and look at the trees. Maybe we should." Something as simple as a tree is such a miracle. I have decided to really work on being more humble and really notice how miraculous even the tiniest things are.  

Welcome Back!

So I got a little caught up in life and haven't updated this in ohhhh about 6 months. Ooops. I have made a promise to myself that I will be better about keeping this as up to date as I can. I hope that promise to myself works out better than other promises I have made and broke to myself...we are all human right. :) I don't have a great Internet connection right now so pictures will have to come later, BUT I will give you all, yes that is right all 8 of my followers, a quick update.

Kam and I moved to Tremonton, UT. It is now April and I still have yet to make any friends here. haha. It is nice to be just 30 minutes from home. My family is close enough that I can visit and far enough that I can escape.

Kam turned 3. This is a touchy subject for me due to the fact that I have a conversation with Kam on a weekly basis about how important it is to NOT grow up too fast. It's not working. I appreciate any and all advice on how to prevent them from growing up. Thank you.

Happy new year! I made a lot of resolutions. Too many to name, and I really don't want to be reminded of how little I have accomplished. Some of them, however, were to be a better cook, read more (not only to Kam, but also for leisure), save more money, quit smoking, and be a better person. I can successfully say I am no longer a smoker, I have read 4 books this year, started to be a crazy coupon lady, and I learned how to make some new dinner dishes. As for being a better person, well love me or hate me I am a John and I am stubborn, that one could take awhile.... :)

My little brother turned sweet 16, I still remember him learning how to ride his bike. My dad also had a birthday but I am sure he would appreciate me not discussing his age on my blog or let alone the world wide web. Kam and I had a quiet Valentines day together drinking kool-aid and eating pizza.

I turned 23. Yes 23. Good gravy I am getting old. I started using wrinkle creams also. As of now the only other birthday I have to look forward to is my 25th because my insurance rates will drop. After that it is all down hill, or at least towards the hill that we go "over". I started a new job at Dillards and so far I really like it. I am thankful for all my customer service experience, it really helped me land a good paying job.

Kam started at a new daycare/preschool. He is already taking so much away from it. I can't believe how smart my kid is. I know, I know I am probably bias, (probably is an understatement. I know I am) but I am just so damn proud of my son.

That is our last 6 months in a nutshell. Pictures will be posted soon. Hopefully. Until next time :)