Wednesday, December 9, 2009

what it takes to get a tree

Step 1: Inspect the necessary parts

Step 2: Make sure all the right things are ready.

*optional step: It may be mentally exhausting to do a job like this so breaks can be taken as often as need be.

Step 3: Put the decorations on one by one.

Step 4: Pose in front of it with an adorable smile so Mommy has something to put in peoples Christmas cards this year.

toil and trouble

I know its really late....Halloween is in October and it is definitely December...whoops!
This Halloween Kam and I ventured to Rigby to spend time with the cousins. Kam had so much fun and definitely missed the girls. The night of Halloween Aunt Carrie made a "spooky dinner" for the kids, and us too, and they had so much fun with it.

Kam was a pumpkin this year and I must say he was a cute one at that. I was worried that he wouldn't keep his hood on, but once he realized that it was a lot warmer with it on he decided to wear it. He had a lot of fun and got more candy than even I knew what to do with. By the end of the night Kam was more than ready to go back for a sleepover, however he barely made it 10 minutes before falling asleep in the car.