Monday, October 3, 2011

Pump the Brakes

Life is hectic. I need to remind myself to take time to smell the flowers more often. (Even though it is fall now and the flowers are longggg gone...) Kam and I have been keeping busy with the hustle and bustle that is our life. Between trips to Daddy's house, work, my gazillion hobbies, and spending time with the special people in my circle, I rarely find time to do this. To write. I need to find time once a week, at minimum, to just sit and type away. The sound of the keyboard is almost therapeutic...almost as therapeutic as making lists. I go! Consider yourself warned it may be long. :)

What in the heck Kam and I have been doing lately....errr...since JULY!

  • Decorating the new house. (yes still.) 
  • Taking walks.
  • Baking. Awhile ago I made a list (go freaking figure) of some things I wanted to accomplish. One of which was baking bread. Not just any bread. Good bread. Well cross that off the bucket list. Thanks Kels. 
  • Drinking pinot grigio. This one doesn't so much apply to Kam. No worries, he is still holding strongly to his chocolate milk addiction. 
  • Chasing butterflies. 
  • Shopping. Retail therapy. 
  • Christmas shopping. Boo yeah. No last minute anxiety for me. 
  • Dying my hair brown. Yes, I love it. I find myself looking in the mirror and asking "Mattie, why the hell didn't you do this sooner?"
  • Smiling. 
  • Crocheting. I recently got the ingenious idea from a friend to make an iPad cover. Thank you for that one Jackie. 
  • Taking bubble baths. 
  • Reading books. The one I am reading now is one of those life changing ones that will get its own post when I finish it. 
  • Coping with the idea that my sister is moving to Boise. Everyone copes in their own way, for me it is crying on my way to work and sometimes home and NOT talking too much about it. I secretly keep hoping they will change their mind. 
  • Praying. 
  • Eating more than our share of corn dogs. Kam and I need to be submitted to a corn dog rehabilitation center. 
  • Getting new boots. Kam is still unsure that he likes them. I needed a change. I am sure he will come around. 
  • One word: Pinterest. 
  • Coloring pictures. 
  • Eating mint chocolate chip ice cream. I am still unsure as to how in the world I lost 10 pounds recently. I am just going to go with the whole concept of leave well enough alone. 
  • Giggling with my ladies. Ahhhh without them I would be so lost. I love all of you. 
  • Planning the Christmas decorations. I am so excited. 
  • Getting behind on the laundry. So behind that in one day I did 6 loads. 6. For two people!
  • Lighting the fall scented candles. 
  • Learning about return on investment. Cars backpack is proving to have a pretty good one. 
  • Reminding myself to breathe. Enjoy life. And blog more often. I feel better already.