Thursday, September 30, 2010

what is LOVE

The other day Kam and I were playing around and Kam looked up and said "I love you mommy!" I smiled and said "Well I love you too Kam!" We kept going back and forth with I love yous and so I decided to ask him "What does love mean?" Without skipping a beat he looks right at me and says "Me and you!" I almost started crying. I know that my little boy is someone special, but sometimes the things he says and does just blow me away. Thank you Kam, for everything you do.


I was able to have a little me time this September, and where better to have that time than in Vegas?! I had never been before and after going I asked myself "why did I wait 22 years?" It was very hot and very crowded, but it was a blast! I got to see some really cool things, eat some really good food, pay wayyy too much for a bottle of water and cross off #12 on the bucket list, get a tattoo in sin city. Here are just a few pictures from the very long weekend! lil cowboy...

Kam has decided that he is going to be a cowboy. Living with Grandma and Grandpa triggered this idea, that I am sure of. Kam loves to ride the horses, watch rodeos, feed the steers, and has decided that when he is a "really big boy" he will ride bulls. I am fine with everything except for that last part. Just the thought of him on a bull scares me. If this idea sticks around, I just hope we have great insurance on him. We may need it.