Thursday, April 1, 2010

owies are owie....

Kam managed to slam his finger in a door pretty good awhile back. The door unfortunately won, Kam's nail did not.
Door: 1 Fingernail: 0
This happened 4 weeks ago (at least). When you are 2 though owies tend to linger. He is convinced that he needs to wear a band aid still. It's not consistent though. He mostly decides it is necessary when he looks down and notices it. I had to get a picture of the band aid extravaganza on this particular day though. He is wearing one on the thumb that got smashed and one on his hand that a coloring book fell on. Yes, it does have Jesus all over it too. We ran out of Toy Story, so Jesus had to suffice. Later that night I was having a hard time getting Kam to bed. He was making all sorts of excuses. "Chocolate milk all gone" "Dropped Teddy" but my favorite is "Might need medicine" I looked down at eyes full of tears and asked "What do you need medicine for? Are you sick?" "Owies are owie!" I couldn't help but giggle. I had no idea a coloring book could hurt a hand so badly.

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  1. haha That's great. I love all the excuses they shout out, they're hilarious.