Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Resolve to Have a Resolution ....

With a new year bring a new list of goals and hopes. 2012 was a good year for Kam and I. We did a lot of exploring and created quite a few things. I can't wait to see what 2013 brings us.

Well without further adieu, here they are. The resolutions for 2013! 
(I feel that if I document them and post them on here I will hold myself more accountable and stick with them.)

  • Maintain the healthy and active lifestyle I started in 2012. I have never been this healthy in my life and have no intention of slowing it down now. I love eating clean and inspiring those around me to do the same. I have changed my lifestyle considerably and do not regret a single change I have made. I am now a non smoker in my file at the doctors office and words cannot express how amazing that feels, I no longer drink either. I still enjoy a glass of wine here and there with dinner, but limit to one glass and can count on one hand how many adult beverages I have had in 4 months. I realized we only get one body to live in for our period of time on Earth, so we should treat it like it is an endangered species.
  • Read more books. I already read often, but I figured that there is no such thing as too much literature. It is also good me time and it is one of my favorite things to do.
  • Ride 1,000 miles on my mean machine. My bike is my obsession (other than Kam and coffee) and I cannot wait to see what I can do with myself on that thing this year. I love the snow fall and appreciate the humidity it brings, but I can't lie, spring cannot come soon enough. I am craving a long ride and the sun on my back. April, May, maybe even March please arrive soon!
  • Exercise 5 times a week vs my usual 3. I am very good about doing 3 a week, but figured why not push it to the next level. If I want to get to my goal weight by the end of March I need to kick it up a notch. It is going well so far and hope to continue as strong as I started.
  • Be the best mom I can be. Kam loves me so much and in his eyes I can do no wrong. Sometimes I feel as if he gives me too much credit. I try to do the little things, take him to the park, read stories every night, watch TV in moderation and tell him I love him every chance I get. I wonder though if I could do more. Or should I say less. I should put down the phone more often, set aside the magazine and not worry so much about my hair. It is my goal to be just a bit more involved and hands on.
  • Do what makes me happy. Simple as that. And do it well. 

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