Monday, August 2, 2010

It has been too long!

Ok it has been forever since I have posted anything and it is lonnggggg overdue! Where to even begin . . . A lot has changed for Kam and I since the last post. We are currently living back in Idaho and couldn't be happier. My job is awesome enough to transfer me to a store closer to family, which was much needed! Kam is quite the personality lately. I love spending time with him. His vocabulary is so big and he is such a smart little boy. He has become the apple of Grandpa's eye since we have been in Idaho. His favorite thing to do is ride the tractor with Grandpa, help Grandpa with chores, ride the four wheeler with Grandpa, well really do anything with Grandpa. He never wants to come inside at night, until that is Grandpa does too. :]]

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