Monday, August 2, 2010

SUPERheroes don't need capes...just mommy to KISS owies better

Since Kam and I have been living in Idaho we are quickly finding out that there isn't much to do on Sunday. (Besides church...if you know me you know that doesn't work into my schedule.) Kam and I found out just as quickly that the park offers endless amounts of FREE entertainment! We usually go for a few hours, or until it gets dark. It is a good opportunity for Kam to play with other kids and for myself to read and between really big pushes on the swing set. Well one day Kam being the little boy that he is decided that he might be able to fly. Off the merry go round. Unfortunately Kam left his cape at home and it made for very undesirable flying conditions. Once he settled down and we got the sand out of every crack and crevice on him he did what any superhero would do, got a "big kissy" from mommy and ran to get back on. This time however, he was very aware that he needed a few more flying lessons before launching.

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