Sunday, June 19, 2011

And he thinks we are just fishing. . .

Now that the weather is nice (some of the time) Kam and I have been fishing twice. He loves it. I love it. OK let me clarify. I love getting out of the house, it is something different than we are used to doing, and if we catch something and my dad or brother are around to take care of the river monster once it is out of the water and my mom is able to prepare it, we have dinner! It makes me feel primitive. In a way. Talk about being the bread winner in the household.

The first time we went was last weekend and we went with my family. Thank heaven for my brother and dad. I would have had no clue what to do with the fish once they hit land. Don't even get me started on getting those hooks out of their mouths, or in some cases their stomachs. My dad caught 6 fish! This is something that happens once every ten years I think. This is just a judgement based on how excited he was, not to mention cocky.  

 This last weekend we went to Rigby with my sister and her family to a free fishing day just for kids. We did not catch anything. Wait, I take that back. Jason caught a sucker fish. That was all though. Kids had fun. It was good for them to all get together and play. 4 kids means 4 fishing poles. Which means a very high probability of lines getting tangles, hooks getting stuck in shirts, and lost bait. It was a very stressful trip. Kam and his cousins had a blast though and that is all that matters.

Kam and I putting a smile on for the camera. Moments after this was taken my stress levels were so high I was asking myself why I didn't bring my vodka.

All the kids at the free fishing day.

I saved the best one for last! This is my proud dad with one of his fish. I thought I better take one so that there is some proof that he actually caught some. Not to mention a quick reference for him to rub it in my little brothers face that he totally kicked his butt that day.

Happy Fathers Day Dad!!!


  1. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I love Kam's glasses in the first picture, and I LOVE the picture of you two. So sweet!

  2. It was fun! Both times were a blast. I need to get better about not being such a princess though haha.