Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Look Mom! No hands!

On Monday Kam and I went to Wal-Mart for a bottle of lotion and left with a bike. That little stinker gave me those puppy dog eyes in the middle of the bike aisle and I couldn't say no. I just couldn't. I also considered how awesome it would feel to get the 'Best Mom of the Year' award from him and knew that it would be worth it. He was so excited. So excited. I can't even put into words how happy he was that day. As soon as we got to our house he jumped on and rode it over to the playground area where some of his little friends were playing and just kept yelling at the top of his lungs "Hi guys! Hi! Look! Look! I got a new bike!" Watching how excited he was was the best feeling ever. He was so darn cute showing all the little boys his new ride. In a way I felt like it was a preview to him in 15 years showing off his first truck.

The first night he slept with it in his room. Parked next to the bed. I am quite surprised he didn't name it. The next morning we had to leave the house fairly early to go meet his dad by 9:15. Who needs an alarm though when your 3 year old comes riding in your bedroom at 7:07 saying "I tink that my friends are outside payin. I better go out there." With a lot of persuading I convinced him that it was best that we wait until at least 8:00 to go outside. To keep himself busy, he rode up and down the hallway, and ate his breakfast on the bike. His dad took him to get a helmet that he absolutely loves. It is bright blue and has fish on it. He loves it almost as much as he loves the bike. He wore that all night tonight even when he wasn't riding his bike.

Exhibit A: wearing the helmet at dinner.

Watching how happy and how grateful he is about his brand new bike makes me smile. He told me the whole way home after getting it how much he loved me and kept on saying "tanks for my brand new bike mommy."

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  1. oh man he is cute!!! i can't believe he is big enough for a bike! :) love him!