Monday, June 27, 2011

It Is About That Time Again....

The time that I have a few glasses of wine and let loose. Talk talk talk. This is actually the 2nd time this week I have found myself indulging and enjoying a glass, or 3, of wine. Thank you Jess. Usually my bullet pointed lists are compilations of totally amazing, happy, tear jerking things that I think of. Not tonight. I don't know if it is the zinfandel or the fact that I have had a lot of stress lately (those of you in my closest circle understand), but tonight I am feeling a bit sassy so I have decided to make a list of...

Things that make me go ughhhh.
  • Total lack of originality. Really just be yourself.
  • Bills. Go away. Is there a bill hell that mine can go to?
  • People dressing completely inappropriately for their age and/or weight.
  • Idiotic drivers. Especially ones that have kids in the car.
  • When I make a delicious pot of coffee and realize that I am completely out of creamer.
  • Facebook. I am so glad that is out of my life.
  • Dirty people. Not so much the germ people that are unaware of how to use hand sanitizer (although that is disgusting) but people that live in their own filth. Do your damn dishes.
  • Dishonesty. Just be real.
  • People that complain all the time about something, but yet do nothing to change it. If you think you are fat STOP eating at McDonalds.
  • Fake people. If you don't like me, don't kiss my butt. Tell me the truth. Chances are I don't care for you either.
  • Mustard. I have tried it once. This year. It was OK. Watching Kam spoon it off his plate makes me gag though. Same goes for pickles. Sorry Shay I know that those 2 things make up your food pyramid.
  • Paying to do my laundry. For a person that has OCD that shit adds up.
  • The person that pretends to have a perfect life. We all know you fight with your spouse and cry sometimes too. It's normal human behavior.
  • Flakey people. Holy crap. Biggest pet peeve EVER. Follow up and follow through.
  • Wearing way too much bronzer. You look orange. Stop that.
  • The annoying teenagers that fly through neighborhoods going ridiculous speeds. Hello it is a neighborhood not the drag strip. There are children around. Not to mention sleeping children. That is a sacred thing. So turn the damn gangster rap down too. Your system isn't that cool .
  • Clerks at stores that do not talk to you. I am here to give you my business aka my money. Acknowledge me.
  • Mud. Need I say more.
  • That person that complains about money, yet has new stuff all the freaking time.
  • People that stare at my tattoos. I know they are there. I also know they are beautiful and a part of me. No need to gawk at them.
  • Wood pencils. The number 2 pencil. The sound they make gives me the chills.
  • Gossip. Not to mention the people that start and stir the pot. Get a life. Talk about wasted energy.
  • Women that touch a pregnant woman's belly. I was once pregnant and did not want to be touched. This drove me nuts.
  • The conversation that goes like this ..... "so when did you and Kam's dad get a divorce?" "Oh we were never married." "You were never married?" Hello I just said that do I need to repeat myself. Really? Or this one ...... "So what does your husband do?" "I'm not married." "So you aren't married?" Good grief. For the record I am a single mom. I have been the whole time. I like it this way and think it is God's plan for me. Don't be so surprised to find out that I am not, nor have I ever been married. And don't look at me like a deer in head lights when you find out that I haven't been. Or ask a rhetorical question about it.
  • Snookie. That girl drives me nuts. I don't know if it is her pickle fetish, the fact that she had a terrible book that I would never ever pay for published, the oompa loompa spray tan, or the hair that bugs me. Could be a combo of all of it. Either way I can't stand her.
  • Smart phones. I know I have one, and that thing is taking over my life.
That is all the complaining I have for now. Hopefully I got it all out of my system so I don't feel the need to rant like that for awhile. I feel better now though. Time for happy thoughts.

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