Sunday, May 15, 2011

Facebook: A place where good habits go to die.

I made the decision to delete my facebook account the other day. I spent way too much time on there and got very tired of listening to everyone obsessively complaining about their life and the weather. I figured what is the big deal. I have a blog, an e-mail address, and that thing called a phone. Now I know that the ol' phone call is out dated, I almost forgot how to use the phone for its intended purposes because of the damn facebook app that I was severely addicted to. Really though time for a reality check.

Today marks 3 days no facebook. It has been weird not knowing what everyone is doing, eating, how their bowel movements are, where they are, and how pissed they are that it is windy outside. BUT, I have noticed how much more productive I am and when I went out with some friends last night I was able to have a conversation without annoying interruptions from my phone alerting me that someone sent me a farmville request.

Kam has my full attention now all the time. The main thing that made me consider deleting it was when I took Kam to play at the playground and realized I wasn't even playing I was talking to people on facebook! I was so mad at myself. that night I made my last post, gave my e-mail address and blog link to a few people and hit deactivate. It hurt so good! I can't wait to see what I can get done now!

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