Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Thoughts On Today

I had today off work and was able to spend it with Kam. It started at 7:20 when I wake up to Kam YELLING at the top of his lungs "Mom!!! I need you to come wipe me!....MOM! Wipe my butt!" I have no problem wiping my son's butt, but 1st thing in the morning. Really?! I haven't even had my coffee yet. As soon as I get in there to help him out he looks at me and says "we need to get ready to go to the zoo." My response, "Well Kam, we will get ready but we aren't going to the zoo for about 4 more hours."

Fast forward to noon. We are at the zoo with my friend LaChelle and her little boy Trindon. It is raining. For those of you who haven't ever pushed a stroller while holding an umbrella it is not an easy task. LaChelle and I were trying to figure out ways to stick our umbrellas down our shirts. Didn't work. The kids had so much fun though. Kam said his favorite part was the deer. Lachelle was extremely freaked out by the peacock. I tried teaching Kam the Katy Perry song but then decided it was somewhat inappropriate. Trindon was so excited about feeding the ducks he just sat right down in front of them on the soaking wet ground. Overall good trip. Pictures will be posted soon.

Snuggled up with Kam and took our Sunday afternoon nap when we got home. We did a lot of playing outside this afternoon. I made an extremely large amount of spaghetti for dinner and way too much garlic bread. It was also very yummy so I am OK with the amount of carbs I have sitting in my fridge waiting to be eaten as leftovers tomorrow. When I was cleaning out my fridge I found some hard boiled eggs from Easter. Made me wonder if they are still good to eat. As of right now I am still unsure so they are still in there taking up space.

Kam took a huge bubble bath and sang to himself the whole time. His song went something like this..."sitting on a fence post.....chewing on some....bubble gum....watching the....tractor in the field....oh oh oh..." When I asked him about it he claimed it was just him talking to himself. When I got him out of the tub and was getting him ready for bed, he pointed to his toy mailbox and informs me that he checks his mailbox everyday and there is never any mail in there. This comment made my heart break a little because we have had this mail box since he was around 18 months old. So for who knows how long he has been checking his mailbox only to be let down every time.

Sorry to cut you short, but I need to go write a love letter to Kam and stick it in the mail in hopes that it will reach him tomorrow.   :)


  1. Aw...The mail thing is so sweet! I love it! You better write to that handsome little boy everyday!

  2. Isn't it so lame how much FB means to some? We were together long before it was "Public on FB." So stupid! Hahahahaha How are things with the man??