Thursday, May 19, 2011

What's In a Name

So tonight I was able to come up to Malad and spend some time with my dad's family. My whole family including all my extended family, which doesn't happen all but once a year. Unfortunately the circumstances were not the best. We were all gathered for my aunt Sandy's viewing. While it is very hard and sad to see a family member go, it was also very bittersweet. We sat around for hours tonight telling stories, sharing memories, and talking about the "good ol' days". Most of the tears were happy tears from laughing when hearing the stories that were told.

After listening to the stories and memories I couldn't help but think to myself  how I am so damn proud to have my name and be a part of this family. I realized tonight that I come from a special group of women and I had no clue how many of their traits I have.

When I was born my babysitter told my mom "she was handpicked by Merle". My Grandma Merle is my dad's mother that I never had the chance to meet. Some of the stories that I have heard make her out to be quite the woman. I love hearing my dad talk about her.

The summer of 2002 I did horse 4-H and the instructor told me that she couldn't believe how much I resembled my aunt Les on my horse. She said that I rode exactly like her. Les was always so friendly and always wanted to know how everyone was doing and cared about others well being so much. One memory I have of her is when I was 3 and had my surgery I remember her and my cousins coming to the hospital to see me and bringing me a toy to help cheer me up.

My aunt Sandy was always the life of the party. Such a social butterfly. Sound familiar?...thought so. :) Her home was always open to family and friends. Her motto was the more the merrier. I know that heaven just got a lot more lively with her up there running around making sure that everyone is having a good time.

Wendy is my dad's youngest sibling, and the one I think I have the most in common with. We are both very head strong and know what we want. She told me a story tonight about her and my dad. They got into a fight and he tried telling her what she should do. Her reply was I hope you are blessed with a daughter just like me to give you hell. Well here I am and havoc I have reeked.

I found it so amusing that Kam and I had a conversation that goes as follows on our way to Malad.

Me "OK Kam we have to hurry so fast when we get home to get our stuff ready to go to Malad."
Kam "Well I have a question really fast."
Me "Yes baby what is it?"
Kam "Is your name Mattie John?"
Me "Yes."
Kam "Why isn't it Mattie Mecham?" (That is his Dad's last name.)
Me "Well I didn't marry daddy so I still have my name. When I do get married I will get a different last name though. I like my name though so I don't mind."
Kam "Well I could marry you huh? But mom I want to marry Corona." (Corona is Tyson's pit bull.)
Me "Oh my heck Kam. Where did you come from?!?"
Kam "I thought I came from you!"

It is true Kam, you did come from me, and I came from a great family. I see so much of my dad's personality in Kam. The strong, stubborn, fun loving, proud, feisty, get it done attitude, and so much more. Watching Kam do little things like stick his tongue out when hes concentrating on something I can't help but think this is what Grandma Merle watched years ago.

I am so PROUD to be a John and be the woman I am.


  1. Sorry about your auntie. That is hard. :( Shane is a freak! Hahahaha The deer incident was so not funny. He does it because he knows I am barely learning how to handle it. I dry heaved a good 10 times and he had to tell Ryan to stop talking about it. I was SICK. This country stuff....hahahaha

  2. Sorry for you loss Mattie, it's never easy to lose a loved one. You're such a great person! I love you!